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71% Of The U.S. Is Overweight Or Obese. We Are Trending In The WRONG Direction! It's Projected To Be 80% By 2020! Something Has To Change! 
-Updated June 5th, 2019 - Written by Dr. Robert McCarthy

Over the past 14 years I've had the privilege of helping thousands of patients not only lose weight, but get healthy in the process. we use a revolutionary approach to weight loss. It is the culmination of years of testing, tweaking, refining, researching, and mastering a protocol that works. 

This is NOT a one size fits all cookie cutter approach. This is the SOLUTION to weight loss struggles. I'm confident in saying this because I've seen first hand the lives that have been transformed. People getting off their cholesterol meds. People getting off their blood pressure meds. People sleeping better. People having more energy. People feeling less achy / inflamed.
Food Testing - Foundation #1
Megan's Story
Megan got food tested and reacted to chicken, broccoli, beans, apples, eggs, peanuts, cashews, etc. After removing the problematic foods that were spiking her inflammation, Megan lost 20lbs in 4 weeks!
This is my biggest pet peeve with other programs out there: Most weight loss programs are a "1 size fits all" cookie cutter approach. They give you a "generic" food list to follow. 

But what if you are severely intolerant or had food sensitivities to chicken, broccoli, etc. like Megan did? 

How successful do you think you'd be? 

The research is clear! Food sensitivities spike inflammation, harm the digestive system, and put stress on your immune system! And the truth is, it's VERY hard to lose weight when you're inflamed and eating the wrong foods over and over again.

We take an OBJECTIVE look at exactly how you should be eating based on a simple blood test. We test roughly 100 foods (in our clinic) and provide you with an acceptable master food list based on what your lab work shows. 

This isn't guess work! The reason we get such great results is that we dig deep and CUSTOMIZE your protocol! 

A protocol that will improve your digestive function, immune function, and REDUCE overall systemic inflammation! 

Take a look at a food test graph below. No two people react to foods the same! 

What About Nutrients?
Another important aspect of what we do is that we test for nutrient deficiencies as well. Everything from Vitamin D (lack of sunlight) to B-Vitamins (too much stress). In addition to testing how you react to foods, we also test to determine if you have any nutrient deficiencies.

Watch this now...

Did you know that roughly 40% of the U.S. is gluten intolerant? 

We will let you know if you are via the food testing. However, if you ARE one of the 40% who is gluten intolerant, guess what happens? The gluten destroys your small intestine.
Quick Video On Nutrient Deficiencies
The gluten (i.e. GLUE) is like sandpaper coming through your digestive system and it carves off the villi in your small intestine! 

Your small intestine is where you ABSORB MOST OF YOUR NUTRIENTS! Then, what happens is you become nutrient deficient. Research shows that it's the DEFICIENCIES that can lead to over 200 different conditions. 

Digestive Challenges - Migraines - Chronic Fatigue - Autoimmune Conditions - Hormone Problems - ADHD - Infertility 

ALL linking back to GLUTEN!
What About Cravings?
Cravings generally point to a nutrient deficiency. For example, if you crave SWEETS, this is typically a B-Vitamin deficiency. If you crave SALT, it's likely a Zinc deficiency. If you crave CHOCOLATE, it's likely Magnesium! 

However, cravings also happen during dips in your blood sugar.

Remember, the Standard American Diet (SAD) is very processed, inflammatory, & toxic! Too much sugar and too many things to turn to sugar! 

When you consume that sub sandwich for lunch...or pasta, etc...this spikes your blood sugar, and will be followed up by a crash! It's during the crash where you crave more carbs / sweets / SOMETHING to get you through the day! 

Sound familiar? 

But what happens to the excess carbs? Well, if you're not strenuously exercising daily to burn it off...it GETS STORED AS FAT!!

Tummy, hips, thighs, triceps, & face!

This is where your body abnormally stores fat! 

So we need to shift you OUT of the standard way of doing things. Shift you away from the heavy carbs and we have the exact strategies and protocols to help achieve this! 

Weight Loss Video Of The Week

Remember - We Help Patients All Across Eastern NC Lose Weight Safely, Effectively, & Naturally! 
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You Have Questions...We Have Answers!
Q: How Much Weight Can I Expect To Lose?
This will vary based on age, gender, toxicity level, and many other factors! However, MOST people, if they stick to the customized plan, have lost 4-6 pounds per week!
Q: Is It Safe?
ABSOLUTELY! It is an extremely healthy protocol and there is nothing like it. We don't know of any programs out there that not only customize a master food list, but also check for nutrient deficiencies at the same time! 
Q: Does Insurance Pay For Weight Loss?
Unfortunately, no insurance company pays for weight loss.  
Q: Do You Provide Accountability? 
Yes! You will come into the office weekly or every couple of week so we can monitor progress and check body composition. Remember, what's MOST important is body fat %, hydration, visceral fat rating etc. These functional ranges are more important than the number on the scale. 
We Offer A Professional, Comfortable, & Relaxed Environment! 

Dr. Robert McCarthy

Dr. McCarthy graduated from the prestigious S.U.N.Y.@ Stony Brook with a bachelors degree. He then attended New York Chiropractic College in Seneca Falls, NY, graduating with a Doctorate in Chiropractic. After graduation Dr. McCarthy accepted an appointment to the NYCC faculty where he was a distinguished instructor in orthopedics, neurology and radiology.
Dr. McCarthy moved to Greenville and established his private practice, McCarthy Family Chiropractic in 1996. Having a focus on meeting the health needs of entire families, Dr. McCarthy offers unique treatments for children, adults, and elderly patients. He has a passion for helping people who have “been everywhere” and “tried everything.” Chronic conditions that destroy peoples lives are given special attention in his office.
Dr. McCarthy served as the chairman of the Research Committee for the North Carolina Chiropractic Association. He lectures regularly on posture, nutrition, fibromyalgia, and chronic pain.
As an active member of the Greenville community, Dr. McCarthy attends Covenant UMC with his wife and 5 children. He is also the founder and head coach of the Pitt County Youth Lacrosse League and the President of the East Carolina Youth Lacrosse League.
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